Florence C. Higgins

February 2, 1928- May 26, 2016


It is with deep sorrow that we tell you of the passing of Flo Higgins.


She died suddenly at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Flo maintained this web site for almost two decades and took delight in seeing the number of people who visited her page.


Flo was in her third Saturn return. That would amaze her all the time. A third time in a Saturn return! For those of you who know astrology you will understand her amazement.



Flo was the editor of the Echoes-Sentinel, printed by the Recorder Publishing Company, until her retirement. She owned and operated her bookstore, Aquarius Rising, located in Fair Haven, meeting many, many wonderful people. Flo’s learned astrology advice and healing messages helped countless people through the years. Flo was a nationally recognized astrologer.


Flo was a member of the Guild of Art in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. She served on the Art Guild board. Her passion, from young girlhood, was art. She studied art at PACE University, in New York after graduating from high school. She had various one woman shows throughout New Jersey.


She discovered astrology around 1970 and never looked back. Not a day went by without Flo taking to heart the messages and meanings from her charts. Those of you who followed her web page know that she was dedicated to the astrological community with all that a true Aquarius can offer.


Flo will be missed. Those who are left will feel the loss, but will know that her next experience will be one filled with the lessons she learned from all of you.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who followed this web site.














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