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 Today  Thursday, October 30

by Flo Higgins

THE FACT THE mOON WILL BE Void of Course until 9:52 A.M. when it moves into zany, freedom loving Aquarius will not interfer with the possible excitement today has to offer.

The Moon in Aquarius alone offers us an opportunity to listen t the beat of a different drum and to do our own thing all day long. There are no heavenly aspects which cause arguments or love at first sight e xperiences in line for today.

But you can have plenty of fun without the worry of someone trying to stop you or cause an upset. So take advantage of one useless day and if you have new or even old projects that need to be done it is a good time.

No one will get in your way and tomorrow is the day of begging, Halloween. So plan a party and get all dressed up and share the  candy

Later tonight , actually about 10:45 P.M. the Moon will square the Sun and if you held in your anger or your joy all day waiting for a good time to pounce, you won't have to wait any longer because tonight there could be an upset or two if you aren't careful.


In the never ending story of MAMA JUNE and her problems she has pulled off a good one. She was out wandering the streets of her small town homeland in Georgia today wihout her former prisoner boyfrined.

No the paparazzi somehow got wind that MAMA would be out there on the streets with her husband, SUGAR BEAR and her daughter HONEY BOO BOO. The trio was smiling ear to ear and the boyfriend was no where in sight.

Now if you all think about it SUGAR BEAR better do as he is told after all MAMA controls the family funds. And her husband, who puts up with alot, has no place to live. So MAMA remains in control of the split up family.

Now that Georgia officials have ruled MAMA and her boyfriend are doing nothing illegal . That means he can hang  around young children, even if he spent 10 years in prison for sexual molestation of young children.

The children he molested included MAMA'S own daughter ANNA, who was eight years old at the time.  So the boyfriend gets out of jail in March, MAMA starts hanging out with him, busy him a car and goes house hunting with him and spends time with him and HONEY BOO BOO and all is well in Georgia. But the reality show featuring this messed up family has been canclled by officials of TLC where it was a high point of the Channel.

.And now we see her with her husband roaming the streets of Georgia . No wonder people are fasinated with the story. It is mostly very stange.

More shocking stories are also floating around the Hollywood Hills. Seems after the photo of BRUCE JENNER. a Scorpio, appeared on line even his sons agreed he is going thru some sort of transformation.

In case you missed it there was a photo and story on line showing BRUCE JENNER with a cigarette and as clear as possible his fingernails were painted fire engine red.

 BRUCE JENNER, who just celebrated his 65th birthdayat a lunch with his step daughters, the KARDASHIAN SISTERS, and without his Scorpio estranged wife KRIS JENNER, at his side waited all these  years to turn around is wild. 

He is a former Olympic chamption and was once known as a top world athlete. And after 7 long years, or maybe 8 years in reality TV and maybe the tension drove him to smoke.

Another lad influenced by his reality show experience must be another Scorpio, DEAN MC DERMOTT, who is still  married to TORI SPELLING and the father of four is consider a change. Word is DEAN is considering a Vasecetomy.

Word is he is now talking about the possibility. while in the past he had refused to discuss it.

Official word seems to point to the fact MELISSA RIVERS, a Capricorn is filing legal action against those medical people involved in the death of her mother JOAN RIVERS.

Just can't resist this comment. Critics of the new line of KARDASHIAN baby clothes have 1,000 names on a petition asking "Babies are Us" to stop selling the line of clothes in their stores.  The petition notes that the KARDASHIAN name is not a name children should wear.

Here's a suggestion if parents don't buy the clothes , the store will soon stop selling them. So parents bware.

When it comes to keeping track of the love life of celebrities you have to keep your yourself in constant touch with the internet or you could be out of date.

Beautiful example is the hot romance between 24 year old JENNIFER LAWRENCE, a Leo and Coldplay frontman CHRIS MARTIN, a Pisces born on March 2, 1977, who is also married.

This romance is over, almost before it started.. Some people can't understand what would break up a romance between a 24 year old and a 37 year old married man with two kids.After all they looked so beautiful together.

 ARRON LEWIS,  an Aries born on April 13, 1972, the frontman for the band "Staind" forgot or really messed up the words of the "Star Spangled Banner" during his performance at the opening ceremonies for the 5th game of the World Series in San Francisco.  For his poor performance LEWIS was really booed by those in the stands.

LEWIS later apologized for his poor performance.

Here's how gossip is formed in the wonderland of the internet. MONICA LEWINSKY, a Leo makes anyone stop and wonder these days. What could she be doing?

 So when I noticed a headline saying MONICA'S NEW MAN I stopped to check it out.  Seems the new man is ALAN CUMMINGS, an Aquarian born on January 27, 1965. MONICA was born on July 23, 1973.

Tje actor had great things to say about MONICA, but a quick check of his history shows he is married and his husband is a grafic artist. . The couple lives in New York City with their two dogs.

Athough CUMMINGS, who is well known in TV and stage is bisexual, he has had several long term romances with both men and women, he seems tightly married now. So it appears he is just MONICA'S new man in name only.He could be her BFF, but that seems all it is right now.

Can't be a surprise to many but "Bachelor" JUAN PABLO GALAVIS, a Leo born on August 5, 1981 and NIKKI  FERRELL, have called it off. No wedding, no nothing. Many fans of the show had predicted it would not last.

Seems JUAN PABLO was just to difficult and not the most delicate of fellows when it came to dealing with women.

So NIKKI can always return to nursing in Kansas and who knows what JUAN PABLO will be doing.   


Aries (March 21 to April 20) Making a quick move sometimes creates tension. So if you are moving too fast you know the cause. To rid yourself of the stress slow down and smell the flowers. You are well on your way to a tremendous change of pace and you will be happy you made the transition into a better life and attitude.  


 Taurus (April 21 to May 20) It is time spread your wings and move along  If you can finally make the big move it will be overwhelmingly in your favor. So talk it over with a BFF or two and then say yes. Financially it will pay well and you will be much happier to boot. Also remember this is no time to look back, since it wonít help your cause one bit.


  Gemini (May 21 to June 20) This is a week to see only the bright side in all you do. Negative influences will cost you time and money. So donít let negative folks into your inner circle. Keep a tight grip on you new work and you will have an entirely new program in your control, plus people at your beck and call.


 Cancer (June 21 to July 20) Know that you are a born caregiver and sometimes people donít appreciate your care. But donít let that stop you from being the good soul you are. The time is coming when yu will be reaping the rewards of your hard work. So donít get caught up in the nonsense of others. It just isnít worth the stress and worry.


  Leo (July 21 to August 20) As you continue to handle the awesome situations that seem to pop up in your wake, just remember you are capable of dealing with them. A new pal could certainly become more than a casual friend. Just be patient, deal with the problems in front of you and move on.  That way you will win the game.     


 Virgo (August 20 to September 21) This is no time to let a cynical attitude take over your life. You are too smart and have been thru to much to let the negative attitude of others change your life. A new friend could offer you some help, which could bring you into a much more important role at work. Listen with a keen ear.


Libra (September 20 to October 21) Life is happening swiftly and you would be wise to slow down so you donít miss it. Keep you feet on the ground and your heart it love, but take nothing for granted. An old friend will offer a single sentence and you will learn plenty. So stay calm and be in love as your future unfolds right in front of you.


 Scorpio (October 21 to November 20) Since you have been dealing with Saturn for some time you are familiar with some disappointment. But know that the past is the past and you are heded on a new road to more responsibility. Decide your future moves based on what you have learned in the recent past. Certainly discipline is part of the routine.


  Sagittarius (November 21 to December 20)  Any project started in the recent past will turn out to be a booming success. All ou need do is wait for it to happen. So be patient, cound your money and keep smiling. While others fall by the wayside you will shine if you stay on the road you have selected. Your new friend will stay around as good luck.


Capricorn December 21 to January 20) Giving advice is one thing you know how to do so keep offering it to those who ask. They donít ask, donít tell. Follow those simple rules and your life will continue its 360 degree spin around.Taking on more personal responsibility will also add to your joy.


Aquarius (January 21 to February 20) Any tension you may have between you and some friends should be resolved as soon as possible. The longer you let it ride the more trouble it could cause. So you be the one to make the first move. Once you do life will look and feel better. A new venture could pay off well. So get started on it as soon as you can.      


 Pisces (February 21 to March 20) Your patience may be tested now but if you just stay with your plan it will work out well for you. Plus if you stay with your original plan you will get some good news and prize money also. So donít be swayed to change course right now you are on the right path.  The doors are open for you right now just walk thru just as you planned.


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