FOR JULY 31 to AUG. 7, 2015

Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015

If you have been putting things off waiting for the best of days, then look at today! Both the Sun and Moon are in fire signs, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aries. There is no better time to get started or to bring something flat to the end.

So start your game in the A.M. and look for a day full of action and fun. Now if you find yourself in a negative mood stay with it and see where it takes you. If you lucky the mood will pass and you will be back trying to get things done.

By 3 P.M. the Sun and Moon will officially trine each other and so that will be the best hour of the day. Try and organize a night on the town even if it is Tuesday. Start early and end early, but take advantage of the vibes.

Then at 5:45 P.M. Venus will conjunct Jupiter. Now that may not be the best feeling of the moment but it does involve some good energy. So if nothing else make a plan for later tonight.

Then at 6 P,M. the Moon will square Pluto. That vibe could offer a control battle between good pals. So take some time off and think about dealing with the good people in your life.

Then drop any control issues and get out and dance. Today is really a nice day for nice folks. So make a plan early and spend an hour or so doing what you love.\


She has 41 million Instagram followers, is worth $85 Million, stars in a long term reality show and yet her Selfie book was a flop. Yes it is KIM KARDASHIAN  and her selfie book has not sold and is called a disappointment.  KIM is a Libra born on Oct. 21,1980. So she  is heading to her 35th birthday and is expecting a son, her second child this winter.

So the lack of sales of the book based on her face is something she will get over, but it will probably take time. After all it had to be based on an ego trip.

After 13 years of marriage and three young children GWEN STEFANI, also a Libra born on Oct. 3, 1969 and GAVIN ROSSDALE, a Scorpio born on Oct. 30, 1965 are divorcing. The two filed yesterday and want joint custody of the children.

Finances will be split, much to the saddness of GWEN. who is woth $100 Milliion, while her husband is worth a mere $35 Million. Because they had no pre nup under California law all money is split in half.

Certainly the break up of the BLAKE SHELDON and MIRANDA LAMBERT marriage has taken up plenty of news space.  Well its not over!

Just read Radar on Line's exclusive story about BLAKE'S alleged mistress CADY GROVES. Now we have a cast of characters BLAKE is a Gemini born on June 18, 1976; CADY is a Leo born on July 30,1989 and the wife MIRANDA is a Scorpio born on Nov. 10, 1983.

Now the Gemini is finding out  that you can't play around on a Leo, since they are hard to shut up and Scorpio always finds out the truth. So we have CADY who is trying to build a career and she now claims that she and BLAKE were romancing just a year after he married the Scorpio MIRANDA.

Naturally is appears to be over and the Gemini is denying he was unfaithful. So once again the Gemini and Scorpio had a lovely marriage, but the stories continue. Once again we are left to believe whatever we want.

When you read what CADY has to report about her romance with the country singer and "The Voice" judge is seems possible the marriage was not as perfect as some magazine stories would have us believe.

BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN'S funeral held in Atlanta had  its drama. An aunt on the Brown side was ousted after she yelled out during the ceremony.

   BOBBI KRISTINA was buried on Monday in Westfield , N.J. next to her mother WHITNEY HOUSTON. BOBBI KRISTINA was Pisces born on March 4. She died last week after being in a coma since the end of January after being found in her bathbut just like her mother. who was a Leo.

JOE JACKSON the head of the Jackson family, which includes the late MICHAEL JACKSON was celebrating his 87th birhtday in Sao Paulo, Brazil and he had a heart attack. He ended up in a hosptial on Sunday, July 26.

That is where he remains. And who rushed to take care of him but his daughter JANET JACKSON, who dropped rehearsals for her upcoming tour to race to Brazil and take care of her father. She is a Taruus born on May 10, 1966.

Once JOE is strong enough to travel he will head back to the U.S.A. and JANET will head back to rehearsals.\

  1. Must admit MARIA SCHRIVER is one blessed Scorpio.Thee She was born on Nov. 6, 1955 and yesterday she and her two daughters joined her estranged husband ssnf their father, ARNOLD, who is a Leo, to celebrate his 68 th birthday at a lunch. The two adults brought a total net worth of $400 Million to the bitthday lunch table.

  2. He is worth $300 Million and she $100 Million. They are still working out their divorce which started in 2013.

          Horoscope for July  31 to Aug. 7

Aries (March 21 to April 20) You have some power issues that need   your undivided attention. This is the week to tend to them once and for all. Letting others handle your fate is no way to play the game. So take charge with a smile and know you are the winner of the game.


 Taurus April 21 to May 20) You have spent enough time waiting for others to make a move. It is time to think relationship for you.  Once you get started you will meet someone new and an inspiration to your new life and attitude. rt thinking twosome and let your pals do the same.


Gemini (May 21 to June 20)  Maybe it is time to accept the fact that life is changing and you will love it. So pack your bags and let things happen. A newcomer certainly wants to be a permanent part of your life. Let it take place slowly and donít worry.


Cancer June 21 to July 20) The new folks in  your social circle could provide you with an outlet for new excitement in your life. So donít dismiss them instead be welcoming and glad they arrived. This will lead to a new scene for you including some new pals. So let it happened.


Leo (July 21 to Aug. 20) Venus in Leo now offers the opportunityof romance. So beware and if yoo are interested be sure to listen to the whispers. Mars will also be in Leo within a week. This promises action and sparks interest in new activities of all kinds.


  Virgo  (Aug. 21 to Sept. 20)  The bright ideas coming  your way should pay off well once you get the time to follow thru. A mew BFF will add a good measure of interest and enthusiasm to your life. So try a new routine and see what happens in your world. It could add some fun.


Libra (Sept. 21 to Oct. 20) If you take time from your busy work and try some new routines you will find a whole new world to live by. A new adventure will spece up your relationships and add to your total intellectual education. So take a class and see what happens.


Scorpio  Oct. 21 to Nov. 20) What you have learned in the past two yers ishould be beyond imagination. If you learned anything your next relationship will involve adult ideas and plans. So expect a new and wonderful pal to show up really soon. But go really slow or life will repeat. 


Sagittarius  (Nov. 21 to Dec. 20) Remaining optimistic inspite of a variety of challenges is the best t hing you can do for youself. To help you have Uranus in Aries and Jupiter remains in Leo, both offering you golden opportunties to expand your horizons and grow thru your success Look for the best everywhere.


Capricorn (Dec. 21 to Jan. 20) The power of being totally in charge of  your life is yours only after you decide what you want. So your duty this week is to outline your plan. No more chatter let it happen. A newcomer could also help you get what you want and then share it.


Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20) Your life will come together and the people you want in it will appear once yu learn patience. The best way to handle the situation is to let new friends help  you understand your new life role and then move to include them in your present routine.


P isces  (Feb. 21 to March 20)  New pals are about to enter your life and it would be smart to welcome them with open arms.  You are an inspiration to those who know you and help more than you know. So spread the word and include new people in your life. The new ideas are here embrace them


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