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Today may be the day of the New Moon but there are a few roadblocks if you are looking for a good time for new starts. Today is not the day. And here's the reason. 

The New Moon in Aries will occur at 2:57 P.M. and then immediately go Void of Course until 5:21 P.M. when it goes into Taurus Now if you have a big time new start, today  night is no time to do that. 

The only vibe in the sky today  will be the Moon conjunct the Sun also at the time of the New Moon in Aries. So looking at the skies and the planets it might be good to wait until Monday when the Sun enters Taurus or wait until Thursday. Whatever you decide avoid today.

Whatever you decide to do today you can't depend on the heavens it is all up to you to make your own good times or bad. You meet your one and nnly today then you know it can last at least thur the night.

In the meantime pick up my favorite book "The Four Agreements" and find out how really happy people live their lives. First of all they take nothing personally.

Di you realize if you are able to take nothing personally you would never be angry, never argue and you live a life full of love.

As I am writing this who appears on the Late Night Show but ALEC BALDWIN, an Aries   born on April 3, 1958 who is known for taking things personally and ending up in an arguement. But last night he took the other side of the situation and said he feels everyone can do whatever they want. He wamts pit /

Never happened but it sounds good coming from  MR. BALDWIN, who is about to become a father of a son at the age of 57.

Enough said and enjoy the day.


Certainly MICHAEL LOHAN has some problems. His first wife DINA is calling for $16, ooo in back child support and he will be in jail if he doesn't come across with the money by April 24, which is the day before his 55th birthday on April 25.

Then his second wife KATE MAJOR who happens to be a Scorpio born on Nov. 16, 1982 has a drug and alcohol problem which she bring home where they live with two small children. Seems MICHAEL called the cops Thursday night when KATE came home drunk and started beating him up.

You can hear the kids in the background screaming as he is fighting off KATE and talking to the cops. KATE had just been releassed from jail.

So MICHAEL has a few situations he has to handle soon or he will be in jail along with KATE. And people wonder why LINDSAY LOHAN is living in London. Seems clear she needs to get away from her parents.

KIM RICHARDS one of the stars of the reality show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" who is a Virgo born on Sept. 19. 1964 better slow down with her drinking.

She really put on a drunken show at the Beverly Hills Hotel just days ago. Reportedly she kicked a cop, had a  tirade in the bar of the hotel and was arrested.

Seems she was upset with her role onthe reality show. Seems like she could join up with SCOTT DISICK one of the KARDARHIAN CLAN members, who also has an alcohol problem.

Have you wondered who influences our lives in 2015? The answer is a Gemini named KANYE WEST and his wife , a Libra known as KIM KARDASHIAN. And there on the front cover of one of the five TIME MAGAZINE front covers is none other than KANYE.

Anyone who says life isn't fair should find KAYNE and let him explain how fair life really is. Last year he and KIM were on the front over of VOGUE.

Now there was 100 peopleof influence named by TIME including HILLARY CLINTON, POPE FRANCIS, PRESIDENT OBAMA and BRADLEY COOPER.

COOPER also made a front cover. REESE WITHERSPOON who starred in "WILD" also made the list.

Remember V. STIVIANO, the girlfriend of the former owner of the L.A. Clippers DONALD STERLING?  She is DONALD'S companian who he gifted $2.6 Million worth of goods like a Ferrari, Bentley, Range Rover and a duplex.An L.A. judge ruled STIVIANO must return the goods , but naturally "V" has already filed an appeal of the decision.

STERLING is an 80 year old Taurus born on April 26, 1934. It was his wife who sued STIVIANO seeking a return of the gifts.

 Promotion ads for the upcoming  9 P.M. Friday, April 24 ABC interview with BRUCE JENNER, who by the way is a Scorpio, are appearing to remind us of the upcoming DIANE SAWYER sit down sessiion with BRUCE.

He will tell us during the show about his tale of changing from a man to a woman. His hair is long and he looks more and more like the woman he wants to be. Expectations are that the show will break viewing records.

After eight years together, a near five year marriage and, two children NICOLE RICHIE a Libra born on Sept. 21, 1981, and JOEL MADDEN, a Pisces born on March 11, 1979,  are set to settle for a split.  Seems they don't agree on much, are seldom together and they are about to make the announcment.

ARRON HERNANDEZ, a Scorpio born  on Nov. 6, 1989 was found guilt of first degree murder of 27 year old, ODIN LLOYD and sentenced to life in prison with no parole. He had a $40 Million contract with the New England Patriots and now will spend his life in prison.  The story of the murder of ODIN,is indeed a sad tale.

RITA WILSON a Scorpio born on Oct. 26, 1956 and the long time wife of TOM HANKS , who is a Cancer born on July 9, 1956 announced yesterday she has had a double mastectomy and is recovering.

RITA had been appearing in the LARRY DAVID play :\"Fish in the Dark"  on Boardway and is now on leave from the show.

She tells the tale of being told of a negative report about the cancer and how she sought a second opinion. The second time doctors found a serious form of cancer and she was operated on.  RITA urged getting a second opinion.

  SUZANNE SOMERS was the latest dancer to leave "Dancing with the Stars." SUZANNE, who is a Libra born on Oct. 16, 1946,  was gracious leaving the scene noting she had achieved her goal, which was to show anyone her age , in good shape, can enjoy 

JORDAN SPIETH won the Masters in Augusta, Georgia yesterday at the same age as TIGER WOODS did some years ago. JORDAN is 21 born on July 27, 1993. A Leo he took advantage of Jupiter in Leo and walked away with the Green Jacket.

TIGER came in 17th in the scoring and big drop from his top scores in his youth and before he got mixed up with women. Some wonder if he would be playing a better game if he had stayed with the game instead  of women.  


Aries (March 21 to April 20) If you are looking for some excitement, look no more. It should be on your doorstep. The only thing standing in your way would be if you move to fast and donít check all the details you could be left holding the bag. That has happened in the past so watch your step and then join the fun. 


 Taurus April 21 to May 20) If you find yourself in the middle of a battle or running from life this week know it wonít last long. Mars is now sailing thru Taurus and bringing you something to think about. So you want to make a move but go slowly if you can. Otherwise you could find yourself in a quick fix to nothing.  .


 Gemini (May 21 to June 20)  You are starting to become more aware of what it is you  want in your life. Let go of the talk and find yourself a new crusade. It is time to stop talking and taking on a new path. Once you start down the new road new peple will appear to help. Your job is merely to be a support person.


   Cancer(June 21 to July 20) Line up your new goals and stop getting involved in nonsense. You deserve to be happy. All you need to do is decide what   you want and then go for it. A new friend will help you find  a new outlook on life. So meet some new pals and do the dance to keep them around. Life will really blossom.


Leo (July 21 to Aug. 20) Donít let thoughts of past experiences interfere with life as it is unfolding now. Jupiter has inflenced your life for good so take advantage of it. Start planning a new venture that could keep you busy all summer long. A family trip could outshine everything else going on  in your life.Think about it.


   Virgo (Aug. 21 to Sept. 21) Now that you are aware you are a talented employee there is one thing to avoid. Donít give yur ideas away to soon. With Neptune hanging around Virgo there are folks willing to grab your thoughts and make them work for them, not you. Also a close relationship  needs your attention now.


 Libra (Sept. 21 to Oct. 20) With Uranus opposite your Sun sign look   out for someone who could put some fancy ideas into your head. You need to remain dedicated to your  established life style to be satisfied. . So any wandering off the beaten track wonít work even if it sometimes looks good. Your present goals are the best.  


   Scorpio (Oct. 21 to Nov.20) The work you have been involved in should be paying off now or within weeks. If it doesnít it is up to you to review your rules, revise and make the money. You are talented and need to sometimes push yourself to get the most of your creativity working. A relationship could use some TLC and you are just the person to give it.


  Sagittarius (Nov. 21 to Dec.20) If you are aware of the reasons involved in each of  your crusades then  you   know you are on the right path. So take some time this week to discover what it is you really want in your life. After all many are doing what we think others want us to do. This week be who you really are.


Capricorn(Dec. 21 to Jan.20) It would be wise to remember that when you get to high with power it is only natural there will be a full. With this in mind be joyful but in moderation. You are meeting new people and life is going your way. This is Pluto getting you ready for a colorful transformation. .


Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20)  It is time to work at mindfulness, which is  mind control. Living with an unruly mind  is living with creative blocks. Once you control your thinking life will take on a new glow. If you allow it new relationships are aboat to enter your mind. It is time to stop settling for less than you deserve.


Pisces (Feb. 21 to March 20) It is time to be optimistic and do your work accordingly. Your talents are so vast they need your attention and guidance. So ignore the Neptune  in Pisces nonsense and  consider more training and you will be happy with the results.As you consider your new approach to your talents talk things over with a good pal.


  Flo Higgins is an Astrologer her email is floh2@














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