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Dec.12 to 19





THE ASTRAL ENERGY will be floating around in the morning today and it could turn out to be a good day or a bad day depending on how you deal with the stars.

First off the Moon is in Scorpio and that alone is enough to get you out and about with a minor chip on your shoulder. But then the Moon will make a nice aspect to Venus, but then just a few hours later that very same Moon will square Mars.

Now most of us know that a negative aspect between the Moon and Mars can create a certain amount of anger and upset. So in the early morning hours just use some caution and don't look back.

Plus avoid people who have some anger problem, as you keep smiling in the A.M , because by 0:40 A.M. the Moon will  make a nice aspect to Pluto.  You can ride thru the entire day on this heavenly aspect and it will be rewarding.

So an overall summary of today gives it an A plus if you just rmember you are a loving, kind and gracious person. Don't let anyone push your buttons  If you accomplish that fete you can be sure the holidays will be fine.


Number 1-Responsibility; We won't go forward until we accept responsibility our life . This does not mean GUILT or BLAME  . It merely means accepting responsibillity that our consciousousness got us hereand our consciousness can get us out. But HUMAN NATURE TENDS TO BLAME OTHERS. Once we accept this law we are released from an awful lot of guilt. Because if we are responsible for our woes, then others are responsible for their woes. 


STEPHEN COLLINS, a Libra and well known for his role in "Seventh Heaven" has confessed he sexually molested three young girls with the first happening in 1973 and the last in 1994. He made the confession in the upcoming issue of "People Magazine."

COLLINS was born on October 1, 1967 and has lived with the influence of Neptune conjunct the Sun,Mercury, Venus and  opposite his Aries Moon all his life. That would be a lifelong challenge with the fuzzy thinking of Neptune.

He has the Moon in Aries and that puts Neptune opposite his  Moon. COLLINS has been under investigation for some time because of charges made during divorce proceedings.

In the past he has denied any wrong doing, but obviously decided to confess in the magazine. One would suspect he needed the money.

Like BILL COSBY there is little that can be done since so much time has passed. In the wonderful world of Astrology he obviously got caught by the transits of Uranus conjunct his Moon and opposite his Sun. Also Pluto is square both his Aries Moon and Libra Sun.

Another woman abused by BILL COSBY, who happens to be a Cancer, is KATHIE LEE GIFFORD. She is a Leo and 40 years after the experience she is telling the story of how BILL tried to kiss her.

KATHIE you spent plenty of time talking during the past 40 years you should have told us earlier. Or didn't anyone listen? KATHIE was born on August 16, 1953 and in the past she has been known to stand by her man.

The circumstances were different, but KATHIE stood by her hubby, the ball player FRANK GIFFORD.

Let's face it being married to a Gemini has its benefits and challenges. Just ask KIM KARDASHIAN, who is married to KANYE WEST, who is a Gemini.

Seems the stress is starting to show in public. The couple took their young daughter to an ice show in Los Angeles the other day and after the first act or so KANYE got up and left. He has to work.

According to pals who were on the scene, KIM, who is a Libra, was upset, after all it was supposed to be a family outing.KIM managed to stay longer than her hubby, but she too left early.  Not a good sign, according to some who closely follow KIM and her lifestyle.

BILL COSBY, the reported nasty man of the year has one defender: His wife CAMILLE. She is standing by her man. She has been with BILL since 1963. That is a long time and she is still there.

Defending, supporting and protecting her man. She notes that many of the ladies who are making charges against her husband have not been vetted.

It was an Aquarian born on February 3, 1978 who got the crown as the MOST FASCINATING PERSON of 2014. Her name: AMAL ALAMUDDIN,. She is the woman who managed to marry GEORGE CLOONEY.

She won the top prize from BARBARA WALTERS, last night and let's face it , if she hadn't managed to marry GEORGE she never, ever would have won. She wouldn't have won because no body, but her rich clients in England ,would have known who she was.

  She has a Sagittarius Moon, her Mercury and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn. She is one disciplined lady.

GEORGE is a Taurus born on May 6, 1961 and although her Sun squares his Sun they do have other aspects together that point to a strong commitment to  marriage. 

He is also disciplined with his Moon in Capricorn conjunct his Saturn they think alike, are emotionally strong souls and it should be interesting to wait and see their children.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN, an Aries and SCOTT DISICK, a Gemini are the parents of a baby boy born yesterday. Although the two are single and SCOTT  loves to drink and party, plus KOURTNEY seems to be the strangest of all the KARDASHIAN CLAN it appears they are still togehter. This is their third child together. Tjat is if they decide to have them.


If you follow the stories in the press and on the internet as I do you might wonder what the two are really doing. One day SCOTT is banned for their home and the next he is back lovely, dovey.

 In the meantime they have a third child and the couple appears as dysfunctional as you can get..



OF DECEMBER 12 to 19

  Aries (March 21 to April 20) Dealing with Uranus in Aries is tricky business because it forces you to think big. Thinking big Is great, but you need to work on the details. Refine your next move to the finest detail before doing a thing. In that way you will make your next move and it will be successful. Until the details are complete hold tight.


Taurus (April 21 to May 20) Once you get out and about you will find yourself a partner of real meaning in your life. Now is the time to start your search. You are ready. Saturn has been opposite your Sun sign and has taught you many lessons. One is find your lifeís purpose. Your new BFF is the start of your new venture.


 Gemini (May 21 to June 20) Mars is now making nice aspects to your Sun Sign offering you an opportunity to grab your own goals. It is time to settle down and concentrate on one subject only. If you are able to maintain one goal you will be rewarded with financial and spiritual success.Find a partner to join you in your work.


 Cancer (June 21 to July 20)  It is time to drop moods that can take  over your life. You have no time for nonsense because it will cut into your real journey and what you want to do. Remember there are times when others can be your worst enemy. Donít let that happen now. You have too much lose.  Listen to your BFF  since he has much wisdom.  


  Leo (July 21 to Aug. 20) The meeting of some new potential friends was not an accident. You are taking advantage of Jupiter in Leo and should invite newcomers into your inner circle after some mild review of their background. Go slowly, but go. The results of action now will be long lasting and rewarding. So take advantage and be friendly plus.


 Virgo (Aug. 21 to Sept. 20) Your spiritual work will serve you well this week. You want to achieve certain goals and the time has come to do just that. With Neptune involved in your life now it is smart to understand your core values and then follow them. Otherwise you could end up in the middle of a drama ou donít want or need.


 Libra (Sept. 21 to Oct. 20)  Review your  career goals and make sure your advisors have the same idea of success as  you do. Otherwise there will be a clashing of the minds which will delay your work. If you do no check and recheck now, you will be forced to do so later. You are gold mine of wisdom. You must respect it.


Scorpio (Oct. 21 to Nov.20) Even the most serious of workers needs a change of pace once and a while. So your time has come. Donít get carried away with the fun and games idea, but do plan some days off. A new contract will make you financially stable for months to come, so think about signing it. You are on your way to exactly where you want to go.


  Sagittarius (Nov. 21 to Dec.20) We must all remember when one door closes another one opens. That is exactly what is happening to you now.  As Uranus trines your Sun sign you will face the unexpected like it or not. Uranus always brings good, even if it does not appear that way at the time. Whether you leave or stay it is good. So donít worry Just act.


Capricorn Dec. 21 to Jan.20) You have a clear sense of power and how to use it. That is why you see a vivid need to stand your ground. Pluto in Capricorn now is forcing a transformation of your old values. This is what is going to bring you more success very soon, than you ever thought would be yours.So prepare for a new you and some new ideas of success.


Aquarius (Jan. 21 to Feb. 20) In order to grow and make the changes you have been considering you need more help. You will meet a new friend who will turn your life upside down, The challenge as Mars moves into Aquarius, is letting go of the past. This is difficult for a fixed sign, but it can be done. So keep a look out for your new friend and then get busy.


  Pisces (Feb. 21 to March 20) Donít get caught up in anything you canít control or donít feel comfortable with now. Stay on the safe road and be as creative as possible. You follow those rules and you are essentially a big winner .Your  creative giving will be the hit of the holiday season. So keep working on new ideas, knowing confusion is merely a Neptune vibe.     


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