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DRAMA COULD BE THE NAME of the game we play today. The Moon is in the fire sign Leo and the day starts with the Moon conjunct Jupiter.

That means you might want to watch your judgment in the early part of the day. Think before you answer and promise nothing you can avoid. That will make for a good foundation to start out the day.

Then by 8 A.M. the Moon trines Uranus and that is good for almost anything to happen. So you all have time to get things started for your nighttime pleasure. Actually the morning will be a more rewarding time than this afternoon.

By 2:45 P.M. the Moon will square Saturn and if you start making promises you can't or won't keep or getting yourself involved in some foolish mess you will get caught.

So plan a relaxed night and know it might not pan out the way you think it should. And since the Moon is in Leo don't make a drama out of nothing. It just won't pay off the way you think it should.

So enjoy the A.M. and use  care when the dark arrives.



ROGER GOODELL head of the NFL isn't done with the awful way he handled the RAY RICE domestic violence case. GOODELL is an Aquarian born on February 19, 1959 that means he has his natal Sun at 29 degrees of Aquarius. Saturn in transit will square his Sun by mid December and won't finish square his Sun for a year.

So by the end of that period of time when Saturn is done with him and his lifestyle we will know plenty about his lack of leadership of the NFL.

Everyone already knows he did a sloppy job of handling the Rice Case and by the time Saturn is done with him we will know even more.

LITTLE HONEY BOO BOO, who is a Virgo born on August 28, 2005 now has to deal with the divorce of her parents. Seems Momma JUNE dumped hubby SUGAR BEAR. Seems HONEY BOO BOO'S daddy was playing around.

After all the noise around KENDRA WILKINSON'S marriage breakup she is reportedly back with her hubby. She is a Gemini born on June 12, 1985 and they are known as extremely flexible people. Certainly our girl KENDRA is flexible.

NICK CANNON is without a doubt having a good time. There he was prancing around the final chapter of "Americn's Got Talent" in a pair of $300,000 diamond studded shoes the other night and within hours more news hits the internet.

Seems our boy NICK, a Libra who just got rid of his wife and now he is a firm of his own and he promoting the likes of AMBER ROSE, who is also a Libra and she has an Aries Moon.

Seems NICK got her work on both TV and in a fashion show. Now AMBER brings a fancy background to her new career. She is a stripper.

Then we have one of the misfits of the Zodiac, a guy who makes his own rules NIK WALLENENDA . who is an Aquarian born on January 24, 1975 and was born with his Moon in Scorpio.

NIK, who walked a tightrope across Niagra Falls and the Grand Canyon now plans to cross the Chicago River from one building one one side of the river to a building on the other side.

This fete will be attempted on November 2 on the Discovery Channel.  It's a Sunday night so mark it down it promises to be an adventure to watch if his past walks are any example.

NIK claims he selected Chicago because the wind is really the worst there and in November it could be snowing and freezing cold.     

SHERRI SHEPHERD'S divorce and custody battle with  husband LAMAR SALLY is develping into the meaniest in the history of  Hollywood. Seems LAMAR has responsibility for the child he  claims belongs to him and SHERRI.

The baby born in early August was carried by a surrogate, but once the son was born and even before, SHERRI would have nothing to do with it.

She claims it is not her biological son. While LAMAR claims the baby is from his sperm and a borrowed egg whch SHERRI approved.She claims her husband went behind her back and did the deed of creating the baby with the surrorgate.So she is not the biological mother.

SHERRI also claims her husband wanted the baby to collect child support from her.The case is now in court looking for a solution.

    Sounds like there are a copy of new books coming out about top stars in the American theatre world.

ROBERT DE NIRO, a Leo born on August 17, 1943  has some of his secrets revealed. Seems the gentleman of the movie world  lives a double life. The book "De Niro's Life"  reveals is secret involvement with high paying, high class call girls.

The book claims he was listed in the black book of a French call girl in 1999. Along with other never before told stories. The book will be released on October 28.

Tjem there is a book "Cosby: His life and times" by Mark Whitaker which and it tells of BILL COSBY'S secret life. Seems the TV star who is a Cancer born on July 12, 1937 has lead a double life.

He reportedly has a love child in this tell all book. Sounds like if you are interested in secrets about the stars these are books to read.

LOLO JONES, a Leo born on August 5, 1092, who not only hates to lose because she is a Leo, she is used to winning. She is a world famous bobsled champ.

But on the dance floor she didn't do well last night. She was the first to leave this season of "Dancing With the Stars" and she wasn't happy at all.

It is understandable, but she had an attitude and she had the same attitude last night after her dance. That is part of the reason she left so early. We all watched it. 

Talk about a replacement ROBIN THICKE, a Pisces born on March 10, 1977 needs something right now he appears to be in a deep mess. Seems ROBIN, who is now being sued by the family of MARVIN GAYE for using GAYE'S music and calling it his own hit music known as "Blurred Lines."

There is ROBIN, the Pisces that he is, giving a sworn deposition in the case. He tells the story that he didn't write  any music. Why? He was too high on Vicodin and alcohol to even participate in creating music.

In the sworn statement ROBIN claims it was PHARRELL WILLIAMS who wrote the music. Yet ROBIN had claimed he co wrote the music since day one. So he throws PHARRELL, who is an Aries born on April 5, 1973 under the bus.

Then he adds he is now clean. Meaning he clean of Vicodin. But, he notes he is still drinking alcohol.

Since claiming to write "Blurred Lines" he performed it on stage with MILEY CYRUS at a concert, toured the world and his life tossed him out. Life is really changing for ROBIN.

Certainly find the life and times of the KARDASHIAN CLAN interesting. Now the headlines are saying the KIM'S husband KANYE WEST wants her out of the family reality show.

Well you can imagine what MOM  KRIS JENNER, who by the way is a Scorpio is thinking about that plan. KIM is a popular member of the clan. they need her to continue the show.

But her 2 year contract is up and she has to sign a new contract with a price tag of $10 million on it. And KRIS will get 10 percent. 

                     WEEK AHEAD Sept 19 to 26, 2014

Aries (March 21 to April 20) Ypu are faced with plenty of energy this week. Try using it in a positive way. That means accomplish as much as possible in the line of making some smart moves both in relationships and career. Mars in Sagittarius trine your Sun   makes Wednesday. the day of the New Moon look good for you.


  Taurus (April 21 to May 20) This is a week when relax and enjoy should be your key words. Avoid getting involved with people who stay with projects to long. You now need more flexible folks in your life. Let go of things or relationships that are not working. It is a perfect time to move on.  


 Gemini (May 21 to June 20) You may feel slightly up in the air or upside down, but this is only natural after leaving one position and moving to another. You will love your new role once you make the adjustments necessary for success. So stop trying to be something you are not and be a happy go lucky missionary of love.    


Cancer (June 21 to July 20) Once you understand you are one smart human being there will be no stopping you. Establish exactly where you want to be six weeks from now and then get busy. No more being nervous. Just tell yourself you can do it and then do it. An old friend will continue to help.


 Leo (July 21 to August 20) Jupiter in Leo offers you a golden opportunity to get where it is you want to go. All you need to do is believe in yourself and then challenge others to believe like you do. No more dragging your feet it is almost time to declare war on non believers. Smile and develop your style of progress. The rest will follow.    


 Virgo  (August 21 to September 20) Although there is a real need to bring laughter into your life right now, there is also some serious needs looming before you. New people are entering your life and need your attention. So, take some time this week to check with old pals, but also attend to your past 


  Libra (September 21 to October 20) Making some progress with your latest goals is important to you now. So try setting some definite goals and then stick to them. Don’t let anyone pull you into an another direction. Your goals are important to you. So try to avoid pleasing others and please yourself.  


Scorpio (October 21 to November 20) It is time you realize that people listen to you and your wise ways. With that in mind it would be good to watch what you have to say and be aware of the impact you have on others. Your teaching skills and leadership needs to be taken very seriously.  People need you.


 Sagittarius (November 21 to December 20) It is time to follow your dream and finish what you have started. After all you have good planetary aspects going for you and it is up to you to take advantage of them. The right moment is now. So try minor changes in direction and follow your dream.


 Capricorn December 21 to January 20)  It is time to remember when you get caught up in the nonsense of others you are the loser. That means stay away from gossip.  It is a total waste of your time and talent. Be selective when it comes to allowing people into your life as friends. You talent is to be selective.


 Aquarius  (January 21 to February 20) New people entering your life now could be an asset or liability. It is up to you to sift though and discover which is which before they become again you will find yourself in a spiritual mess once again. So use discrimination.   


Pisces (February 21 to March 20) You are feeling an abundance of eempathy for your fellowman.  And this is good except you mu be careful of burn out. After all everyone is not receptive to help.  Being of help is a highlight in you r life now and should be considered your karmaic duty. A friend could help you in your latest creative endeavor . Be wise and let  them help. 


.   Flo Higgins is an Astrologer. Her email is 





The current year is known as the Universal  Year  Vibration.  

Knowing the year and the vibration you are in adds to your ability to gain as mh knowledge as possible by working with the RHYTHM OF YOUR LIFE NOW.


 We FIND the year we are in by adding the digits of the current year.

Example: This year is 2014, so we add  2+0+1+4,  which is a 7.  This is the universal year.

 Then add your personal birthday (the month and day only)

My birthday is February 2. So I add 2+2 (second day and second month) and I get a 4. Then I add the personal year of 4 to the  universal year of 7 and it is 11. In Numerology you always use a single diget. So  add 1+1 is 2. So the number 2 is my personal year. which goes from birthday to birthday.


The following list outlines the year you are in and the lessons to be learned. Once we know what we should be learning life is much more rewarding and enjoyable.




  NUMBER 1 YEAR… NEW BEGINNINGS. .WEAR RED AND CARRY CARNELAN This is the year of new beginnings. A new you. You are letting go of the old and looking for a new new way of life, a new venture, a totally new attitude.. This will happen mentally, physically or both. You are going to change.  


NUMBER 2 YEARCOOPERATION. .WEAR ORANGE,CARRY MOONSTONE  .You are now involved with  learning patience, cooperation and developing a deeper personality.This is a time of working with the  new persona you are developing. It is a time of learning to be really happy.  


NUMBER 3 YEARENJOYMENT. .WEAR YELLOW AND CARRY CITRINE     If you have done the work of the past  two years this will be one of  the best years of your life. You will be looking at a new you. Your crrative life will blossom and your life will fill your heart with love. Do the work and this is the year of the prize.


NUMBER 4  YEAR….PRACTICAL ..WEAR GREEN, CARRY ADVENTUREINE This is the year to be practical. Take care of responsibilities and reorganize.Your finances will improve . You could spend more time working and saving money. Be as practical as possible with the people in your life.


NUMBER 5 YEAR..CHANGE AND FREEDOM. Wear blue and carry a sodalite,,,,,,This is a mid point in your life cycle  This is a time of getting rid of anything that is not needed in your life.  Anything standing in the way of your higher development will go. You will add to the change by getting away even if it is just on weekends.


NJMBER 6  YEAR..RESPONSIBILITY AND SERVICE …WEAR INDIGO AND CARRY LAPIS.  This is a good year for marriage and the responsibility it will bring. It is a time of buying or selling a home. Try setting high goals and standards for youself. Take advantage of all the change you have mad.


NUMBER 7 YEAR.  FAITH….. WEAR PURPLE AND CARRY AN AMETHYST. It is time for inner reflection and meditation. It is a year of discovering exactly who you are and where you want to go. Spend some time in solitude Don’t force things to happen.  It is time to develop a spiritual life. .


NUMBER 8 YEAR..SUCCESS..ACHEIVEMENT ..WEAR BEIGE AND CARRY A CRYSTAL.  .This is the year of    finding the career of your drea Yms of working with others to achieve your success. This is the time to start new projects, to make money and to find your own way in the world. You will have help to get there and win the game..


NUMBER  9 YEAR. ENDINGS. WEAR PASTELS AND CARRY A MOONSTONE. This year is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Clean out the closets of your life and make room for a new life. Get rid of anyone you have outworn or outgrown. Leave nothing to chance. This is a closing ut of an old lifestyle.  


                              INTRODUCTION TO FLO HIGGINS


 Astrologer Flo Higgins not only brings a vast background of metaphysics, 12 step work, numerology, Astrology and Palm reading to her private readings, she also brings over 40 years of profound experience with thousands of clients from all over the nation.

She has studied with dozens of teachers including seminars with Donna Cunningham, Robert Hand, Michael Lutin, Betty Lundsted, Margot Sudall, Joan and Ken Negus,  and Joan Titsworth among others. Because of her schedule she no longer teaches Astrology, but certainly enjoys writing about it. She has taught classes at Adult School programs both in Monmouth and Somerset Counties in New Jersey.   .

  Flo reads Tarot Cards, is a Palm reader and does numerology.  But her top talent is in Astrology, which obviously is her favorite subject. Flo has studied and been involved in the wonderful world of Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry and Numbers and 12-step work during her career.

Her work is based on a strong belief in reincarnation, meaning we have all been here before and we are here to learn life lessons, which we have of course selected. So this means people, places and events are all merely part of our learning experiences in the classroom called life. Flo also writes an Astrology Column for the Two River Times, a newspaper circulated in the Red Bank, N.J. area. She has also organized and produced Psychic Fairs in Monmouth, Ocean and Somerset Counties in New Jersey.

A former newspaper Editor, Flo has been a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, the Princeton Astrological Society and the Central Jersey Astrological Society. She also has been a professional member of the New Jersey Press Association and she won newspaper writing and design awards during her newspaper career. She is now Editor of the newsletter circulated in the community where she lives in Eatontown, N.J.

She has also been a volunteer reader for first graders in schools in Red Bank as a volunteer with the Family and Children Services in Long Branch.

She owned her own bookstore, Aquarius Rising New Age Center in Fair Haven, N.J. for 20 years, closing it several years ago. Flo is still working as an Astrologer.

 Flo is also an Exhibiting member of the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, N.J. and is Secretary of the Board of Directors. She has had a number of  Art Shows in the Red Bank, Fair Haven, Sea Bright, Monmouth Beach and West Long Branch area of New Jersey. Her work is often on view at  the Guild of Creative Art gallery.

 Flo is a member of the Unity by the Shore in Neptune, N.J. and served as President of the Board of Trustees of the church for four years. She was the webmaster of the church website on the internet from 2002 until 2012. She is a member of the Prayer Team.

Flo has appeared on both radio and television during her career and has also directed Psychic Fairs throughout New Jersey. You can reach Flo at 732-842-3871.